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Peugeot Key Cloning service

If you need to just duplicate your transponder chip or the whole key. You can come to our location post or get a mobile technician.

Vespa Peugeot Key Coding service for lost keys

Lost your Peugeot scooter keys and wish to make a new set of programmed keys? We offer 2 Peugeot programming options.

1. Call us on site to make you new keys and programme new transponder chips. 2. Recover your bike to us. 3. Remove CDI unit or throttle body and bring it/ post it to us so we can programme new chips.

Broken Key Duplication

Broke your key in the ignition lock and still have the top part with the transponder chip? We can extract the key from ignition lock and recut new key. The transponder chip can be then moved to the new key. We do not need to reprogram your immobiliser. We can clone and cut you new coded keys.

What we need to programme Vespa Piaggio Keys

In order for us to programme your new coded keys we need your Throttle body from Magneti Marelli or CDI box where your codes are stored. We can then create new transponder chip to work with your existing immobiliser system.

In order to programme Peugeot keys we need:

Throttle body


Your Throttle BodySome Peugeot scooters are equipt with injection throttle bodies which keep stored code details to your chip in the key. In order to programme new chips we would have to get your Throttle body and either programme new chips or reset it and reprogramme it.

Brands we cover We cover all Magneti Marelli Throttle bodies on the market!




Your CDI Unit Box Some  Peugeot Scooters are fitted with CDI box in which are stored the key data. In order to Programme new keys we would have to have your CDI box. You can either bring it send it or ask for mobile technician to come over and do all the job on site.

Brands we cover We cover all Magneti Marelli and EFI Technology CDI Boxes

How do I know if my Peugeot scooter has immobiliser system


Dash Board Signal LightYou can find out if you need your your Vespa Piaggio scooter key programming  by looking at your dash board. under the dial should be a red blinking light with 'CODE' written text to it or painted key.

Contact usIf you are not sure if you have the immobiliser to not, just send us a photo of your ignition switch with bike model and year and we will help you asses if you have immobiliser and need your keys programmed.

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